06 Feb 2013

The Movement Café

The Movement, Greenwich, is London’s most colourful temporary café and performance space and the creation of a new gateway to the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

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20 Nov 2012

Loveland Aleworks

Loveland Aleworks is an independent microbrewery and tasting room based in Loveland, Colorado. Their range of small-batch beers are inspired by traditional European and American craft beer styles.

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30 Oct 2012

Micro Kitchen

A Friend Of Mine collaborated with Broadsheet to bring Melbourne’s best chefs and designers together for a pop-up event, Micro Kitchen.

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16 Oct 2012


Boutique brand MyBurger collaborated with us for an all-encompassing overhaul, starting with the brand essence that informed the new identity, packaging, website, and environmental design.

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02 Oct 2012

Pescadería Central

Pescadería Central is a fresh seafood market located in Bogotá, Colombia. Using a colorful palette and a rustic look for the graphics, Oliver Siegenthaler and Lucho Correa, created something extraordinary out of something as ordinary as a market.

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14 Mar 2012


Szelet (meaning a ‘slice’ in English) is a really small pizzeria located in Budapest, Hungary. Miklós Kiss started by coming up with the name ‘Szelet’. After that he designed its identity, the interior design, the packaging and its website.

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08 Feb 2012

China Poblano Restaurant

Barcelona-based design studio Toormix was hired to design the identity for China Poblano, a restaurant located in Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas.

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28 Nov 2011


Fabio Ongarato Design (FOD) has recently completed a re-imagining of the interior and environmental graphics scheme for Grill’d as part of the overall regeneration of the brand.

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16 Sep 2011

Wienerwald Munich

The first Wienerwald restaurant was opened in Munich in 1955. The fast-food chain expanded over the following decades until it was operating branches in 18 countries.

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09 Aug 2011

Smoke House Deli

The Smoke House Deli posed a unique challenge for Mumbai based environment designers, The Busride. They had to create a fun, informal, buzzing Deli space for internationally renowned Indian restaurant Smoke House Grill, which turns into a mood-lit, quieter and more romantic evening space.

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