Forest Gateway Chuo

Signage planning for Chuo University’s new school building. The new school building boasts a large space with an atrium spanning four floors.

Taking advantage of the bridges over the atrium, Arata Takamoto Design Office drew out a signage scheme that integrates space and information. The atrium now serves as the information hub of the building. 

Signage letters are installed on the bridges with white arrows that gradually turn transparent printed as background. Hence, the letters are highly visible while keeping the transparency of the glass. More importantly, this afterimage-like gradation helps users understand the direction each signage is pointing at more intuitively.

The new school building accommodates various types of space, including tiered classrooms called Theater. The pictograms were designed to symbolize the spatial character of each classroom. 

Category: Signage
Date: 2021.03
Location: Hachioji City, Tokyo
Client: Chuo University
Architect: Takenaka Corporation
Photo: Tomooki Kengaku