Falls Creek

Büro North designed the wayfinding system for the Falls Creek Alpine Resort.

The Falls Creek Alpine Resort required the development of a wayfinding system to help visitors navigate the complex ski resort.

A modular system of sign types was created to provide information in a wide variety of directions to suit the complex village layout and changing seasonal functions.

The design of the sign system aims to promote the highest possible visibility of information whilst retaining the smallest presence of supporting structure.

The system is extremely efficient, using a minimum number of elements for a range of sign types, whilst also minimizing the  production energy requirements. The materials and finishes have been developed to withstand the freeze / thaw conditions and abuse from skiers, snow transport and the harsh alpine environment.

Text and photos copyright of Büro North

Falls Creek. Designed by Büro North. @enviromeant.com

Falls Creek. Designed by Büro North. @enviromeant.com

Falls Creek. Designed by Büro North. @enviromeant.com

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