Bikestation Multipurpose Bicycle Parking by Ilustre Ideia Design


Bikestation is a multipurpose bicycle parking located in the basement of Market Place Mall in São Paulo, Brazil. It offers facilities like lockers, showers, dry changing rooms, lounges, a repair station and an exclusive elevator for cyclists.

Ilustre Ideia Design was responsible for creating all signage and wayfinding system to ensure effective orientation and stimulating space interaction through an intuitive and bespoke design that enhances the user experience.

A set of original graphic elements like pictograms, arrows, numerals, and textures were incorporated into the environment reinforcing the sense of the dynamic aesthetic of the bicycle’s theme.

An intuitive and functional orientation was achieved starting with a huge identification pictogram on the elevators doors, followed by fluid and continuous line paintings on the floor, taking users through all Bikestation’s services.

Illuminated cubes on the side walls identify the parking numbers and arise attention, working as an invitation to complete the user’s wayfinding journey into this built environment.

Bikestation was designed to provide safety, comfort and well-being to visitors. The wayfinding design contributed positively to encourage the practice of using sustainable transport in the city through a memorable experience.

Bornancini Design Award 2020

Client: Iguatemi
Wayfinding: Ilustre Ideia Design
Architecture: Ambidestro
Light Design: Mingrone
Photos: Fernando Crescente
Video: Above Visual, Rafael Varela