12 Aug 2015

La Condesa

Plasma Nodo is a design studio located in Antioquia, Colombia. They work as a multidisciplinary group combining graphic and industrial design in their projects, and they are the masterminds behind this incredible bar called La Condesa.

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28 Feb 2013

PAVE Academy Charter School

This winter PAVE Academy Charter School moved into its welcoming new home in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Originally established in 2008, PAVE serves a high-needs population of low-income kids with a rigorous academic program built on the core values of Perseverance, Achievement, Vibrance, and Excellent Character, or PAVE.

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09 Mar 2011

Club Mash

The Mash brewery is located in the former site of Bosch in Stuttgart and has long been a popular party location.

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11 Feb 2011

Cielito Querido Café

From Mexico, design studio Esrawe – in collaboration with Ignacio Cadena – delights us with their project Cielito Querido.

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