12 Nov 2014

The Temple of Agape

Bright neon colors and bold typography make up the new project designed by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan. They were commissioned by the Southbank Centre for their summer ‘Festival of Love’.

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11 Jul 2012

Triennale Design Museum

Italian architect Fabio Novembre delights us with his work for the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy. The exhibition uses a colorful coding system that guides the visitor through a variety of Italian graphic design, that includes packaging, advertising, branding systems, videos and books.

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30 Mar 2012

Frank Gehry Exhibition

Swire Properties appoints Marc & Chantal to design and produce ‘Frank Gehry. Architect’ – an exhibition through the creative process of the world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry.

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13 Sep 2011

Deitch Steam Room

Sagmeister Inc. created a small steam room in the storefront of Deitch Projects on Grand Street in New York’s Soho district that kept the windows permanently fogged up.

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16 Nov 2010

New Tokyo Lifestyle Think Zone

The Mori Building Company commissioned Bruce Mau Design to help create marketing and communications strategies for the construction and launch phases of this 21st century city rethink of city life called Roppongi Hills, the largest private urban redevelopment project in Japan, a 2.5 billion, 24-acre holistic complex in the heart

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