Smoke House Deli

The Smoke House Deli posed a unique challenge for Mumbai based environment designers, The Busride. They had to create a fun, informal, buzzing Deli space for internationally renowned Indian restaurant Smoke House Grill, which turns into a mood-lit, quieter and more romantic evening space.

They designed an entirely hand-illustrated space with an increasingly eccentric interaction between 2D and 3D elements in the space.

The design takes an irreverent, fun look at “serious” restaurant design, where objects exist as a parody of themselves. Every element, from the outdoor signage and main door, to wallpapers and cabinets, were hand illustrated by us, over a 25 day period.

Text and photography copyright of The Busride.

Smoke House Deli. Designed by The Busride /
Smoke House Deli. Designed by The Busride /
Smoke House Deli. Designed by The Busride /

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