Igloo Zoo

Igloo Zoo is Australia’s first super-chilled yogurt bar, serving frozen yogurt with a variety of natural, healthy toppings. Fabio Ongarato Design was commissioned to create a complete brand experience from the identity and packaging right through to the interior design experience.

Taking the inspiration from an igloo shape and the product itself, they created a branded environment/interior design that reflects the notion of an igloo’s inner sanctum. The outside is clad in shinny black circular tiles which heightens and juxtaposes with the pure white interior. The interior is made from sensual, curvilinear lines. Graphics are subtly used as wallpaper in the space.
The result is a total integration of brand, identity and experience to create a distinctive memorable identity for Igloo Zoo.

The first Igloo Zoo store, selling “super chilled yogurt”, is designed as part of a complete brand experience. The glossy white epoxy floor looks as though it was poured from the yogurt machine, and even more so the curved banquette seating. Super graphics on the wall reference the other two flavours. A limed timber screen meanders around the store, providing enclosure and warmth while referencing both the “zoo” and “igloo”. Child sized cork stools from Jasper Morrison and white Joe Colombo chairs complete the picture.

Environmental Design and Signage: Fabio Ongarato, Byron George, Andrea Wilcock.
Interior design: Byron George, Fabio Ongarato.

Text and photos copyright of Fabio Ongarato Design

Igloo Zoo. Designed by Fabio Ongarato Design. @enviromeant.com
Igloo Zoo. Designed by Fabio Ongarato Design. @enviromeant.com
Igloo Zoo. Designed by Fabio Ongarato Design. @enviromeant.com



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