Deitch Steam Room

Sagmeister Inc. created a small steam room in the storefront of Deitch Projects on Grand Street in New York’s Soho district that kept the windows permanently fogged up.

“We invited an entire array of New York designers to come and write any of our maxims (such as: assuming is stifling or worrying solves nothing) into the steamed up windows. Everybody (including such icons as Milton Glaser and Massimo Vigneli) agreed to take part.”

New York designers who participated: Richard The, Joe Shouldice, Anna Wehrli, Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli, Bob Gill, Steven Guarnaccia, Roy Rub, Seth Labenz, Nicholas Blechman, Keith Godard, Jan Wilker, B. Martin Pedersen, Paula Scher, Kevin Mcdonnell, Chip Kidd, Graham Wood, JP Williams, Emily Oberman and Bonnie Siegeler, Tucker Viemeister, Janet Froelich, Carin Goldberg, Scott Marble, Ayse Birsel, Mirko Ilic, Debbie Millman, Hjalti Karlsson, Ji Lee, Barbara Glauber, Matthias Ernstberger, John Parham, Ken Carbone, Eric Baker, Steff Geissbuler, Carla Hall, Paul Sahre, Christoph Niemann, James Victore, Robert Wong, John Bielenberg, Lucille Tenazas.

Art direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Design: Joe Shouldice, Richard The
Created: 2008
Text and photos copyright of Sagmeister Inc.

Deitch Steam Room. Designed by Sagmeister Inc / @enviromeant.com
Deitch Steam Room. Designed by Sagmeister Inc / @enviromeant.com
Deitch Steam Room. Designed by Sagmeister Inc / @enviromeant.com
Deitch Steam Room. Designed by Sagmeister Inc / @enviromeant.com

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