21 Feb 2017


Landor renewed ITG’s brand by creating a new identity and environmental graphics for their New York headquarters.

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28 Sep 2016

10 Amazing Window Displays

I’m always on the lookout for new projects that use graphic design as a way to create a different atmosphere or brand a space. Every now and then I come across cool designs that add some awesomeness to their surroundings, like murals, window displays, and different signs.

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13 Apr 2012

Aschan Deli

Aschan Deli is an urban quick stop for breakfast, lunch, snack or coffee. The aim was to create a concept that looked fresh and modern while communicating convenience.

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22 Feb 2012

Macquarie Group 

EGG Office designed the environmental graphics and signage system in this six-story, 216,000-square-foot space, leveraging the visual vernacular the firm established at Macquarie Group’s Sydney headquarters.

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13 Sep 2011

Deitch Steam Room

Sagmeister Inc. created a small steam room in the storefront of Deitch Projects on Grand Street in New York’s Soho district that kept the windows permanently fogged up.

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09 Aug 2011

Smoke House Deli

The Smoke House Deli posed a unique challenge for Mumbai based environment designers, The Busride. They had to create a fun, informal, buzzing Deli space for internationally renowned Indian restaurant Smoke House Grill, which turns into a mood-lit, quieter and more romantic evening space.

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